Optical Fabrication

Optical Fabrication Laboratory Renovation

Customer: U.S. Army

Service: Engineering

  • Type of Facility: Optical Fabrication Laboratory
  • Project Delivery Method: Renovation
  • Period of Performance: 11/05/18 – 12/04/18 (30 day timeline)
  • Project Description: Our team performed the renovation of Building 4196 – Optical Fabrication Laboratory at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) in Fort Sam Houston, TX to supply an automated optical lens fabrication system capable of providing a throughput of at least 150 trays (300 lenses) per hour for a seven (7) hour shift. Subsystems included: Surface Polishing System, Conveyor System, Surface Hard Coating System, Micro–Separator Coolant System Surface Blocking System, Lens Generating System, and Surface Deblocking System. With the completion of this project, we enabled the existing Army Optical Laboratory to fabricate surface and progressive lenses, improve mission readiness for enlisted personnel and their families, and increase production and assembly for Joint Bases throughout the nation.
  • Mission Impact: In addition to improving work flow processes, the project enables the Army Optical Lab to produce over 10,500 lenses per week, up from an average of 500 – 800 per week.