Central Materiel Services Department

Central Materiel Services (CMS) Department

Ft. Stewart, GA

Customer: U.S. Army

Service: Engineering

J&J’s Engineering Division was awarded a task order under our Medical Repair and Renewal (MRR) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) through USACE–Huntsville Center to right–size the Central Materiel Services (CMS) Department for Winn Army Community Hospital (WACH) at Ft. Stewart, GA.

Scope of Work: Renew the entire building (approx. 22,658 SF) to meet the increasing demands facing the facility, which is the only centralized dental lab in the Army inventory.

Design Development – The CMS is responsible for fulfilling the sterilization needs of the hospital and for providing sterile supplies for five (5) outlying clinics. However, it was undersized to satisfactorily meet the mission. Since Ft. Stewart would not be able to operate without sterilization services while the CMS was under renovation, J&J supplied a Temporary Phasing Facility (TPF) capable of providing uninterrupted sterilization services, as well as a separate building for administrative functions.

Construction Effort – included installation/setup of transition facility and relocation of occupants prior to renovation. The CMS Department was part of the original hospital construction and had never been renovated, which required all systems and infrastructure be removed and replaced with new equipment.

Major Equipment – installation included one (1) Manual Cart Wash, three (3) Steam Sterilizers, three (3) Washer–Disinfectors, a High Density Sterile Storage System, and numerous sinks and workstations. A new Air Handling Unit and associated controls were required to ensure provision/maintenance of sensitive pressure relationships.