Medical Device/Systems

Medical Device/Systems (AFMS)

Multiple ​Air Force Medical Service Locations

Customer: U.S. Air Force

Service: Medical

  • Type of Facility: Multiple Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs)
  • Contract Award: 21 August 2017
  • Project Description: We provide a single-sourced management program for supplementing existing Government Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Technicians (BMETs) for Level 1-3 maintenance repairs: Level 1 = Low (EX: Defibrillator); Level 2 = Intermediate (EX: Optometry Equipment); and Level 3 = Advanced (EX: X–Ray System (CT Tubes)). Our program provides scalable and responsive service for parts procurement, centralized network of subcontractor/vendors (OEMs), specialized BMETs.
  • Partnership: J&J, in partnership with Agiliti (Formerly Universal Hospital Services), provides Medical Device/Medical Device systems maintenance and repair services in support of the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS).